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Tanja Lažetić: What’s Art Got to Do with It?

You are cordially invited to the opening on Thursday, 4th August at 8 pm at Škuc Gallery.

Marina Abramović said she believes art is the oxygen of society. This sounds all well and romantic, but we should bear in mind that everyone would die if they had too much oxygen.”

These are the opening words to Tanja Lažetić’s text entitled The Tragedy of Venus (Whore). Just like oxygen, we can only survive art if it is mixed with something other than art, with life in its banality and mundanity rather than its exceptional and exciting moments. Maurice Blanchot defines the everyday as what we are first of all, and most often.  The everyday has the essential trait that it allows no hold, it escapes, as it belongs to the insignificant, which is without truth, reality or secret. It is the unperceived, is never seen for the first time, and due to its constitutive illusion, it is always a “have seen”. The everyday is without event, but persists in unrealised actuality. The everyday is not what is at the background of something else or the basis for the apparition of something extraordinary that would give it a meaning: it is always before what affirms it and yet incessantly beyond all that negates it. Read more…