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Špela Petrič & Miha Turšič – Liminal Agents

You are kindly invited to the opening of the show on Thursday, 12th of October, at 7 pm.

Given the presented projects, we may try to indicate the variegated and complex issues raised by Špela Petrič in Miha Turšič in their research-oriented art practice with the question that seems to motivate these practical attempts. This is the question of the possibilities and ways of establishing a relation to the non-human – be it vegetal, animal or technological other – that would not be based on privileging the “human”. The projects do not focus much on a critique of anthropocentrism; rather, they arise from its very crisis, which is growing deeper in the age of the Anthropocene due to the global economic processes, environmental changes, research in the fields of cognitive, biological and information sciences and technological development.

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