International Collaborations

The exhibition programme of Škuc Gallery is complemented by its international activities, which are a key component of the overall structure of programme content. For many years, we have collaborated with foreign curators which made a major contribution to our exhibition activities, as it enabled us to strengthen the existing links and liaison with individuals and similar contemporary visual arts centres. We constantly seek to expand international collaboration beyond the exhibition projects in Škuc Gallery to act as producers or co-producers of exhibitions in other institutions of contemporary visual arts. However, we are not limiting ourselves to production, but wish to establish a view ‘from outside’, a critical reflection of the activities of Škuc Gallery via international networking. The projects which are the products of international collaborations are the results of initiatives and reflections of artists and curators seeking to promote contemporary visual arts based on exchanging ideas, discussing, seeking new approaches and active collaboration with similar institutions. By organising exhibitions, publishing and editing publications, and carrying out lectures, seminars, screenings and other events, Škuc Gallery has for many years acted as a production centre and space where similar ideas are exchanged, contacts are established, current trends are put into perspective, bringing together individuals and institutions from contemporary art world.