23. 2. 2024 | 02_2024 Tea Party

You are kindly invited to the tea party embellishing the beginning of curatorial research conducted by Giulia Menegale and Tina Pētersone this Friday, 23 February, at 6 pm!

You are also encouraged to bring your portfolio and/or project presentations and have an informal chat around your work and art production in Ljubljana in a communal atmosphere.

The second part of our collaboration with both curators will take place in 2025.


23. 2.–17. 3. 2024

Curators: Giulia Menegale, Tina Pētersone


The exhibition 02_2024 is structured as time and space for curatorial research. With it, we are launching a new international segment of our programme, dedicating the gallery space to a two-year intensive collaboration with cultural practitioners (artists, curators, writers, choreographers, dramaturgs, etc.). Our continuing interest and work in expanding the representative form of the exhibition, draws attention to precariousness, significance and other aspects of the work behind the exhibitions themselves.

The first part* of our international collaborations is entitled 02_2024 and will take place in collaboration with the international curators and writers Giulia Menegale and Tina Pētersone, who will put at the forefront their research and analysis of the city of Ljubljana, looking at how its infrastructure shapes not only social relations – where capital is produced and reproduced – but also politics. The proposed research focuses on art practices and curatorial methodologies that anticipate alternative ways of being in the city and can respond to socio-economic crises by reconfiguring what scholars from different intellectual and political traditions (from Black Studies, Marxism to affect theory) call “affective infrastructures”, namely: the spatial and material organisation that allows individuals to remain with or against the conditions of the capitalist political economy.

The exhibition will include a substantial public programme – follow the Škuc Gallery website and social media for upcoming events! 

*The second part of our collaboration with both curators will take place in 2025.


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