15. 7. 2022 | An evening of short films

You are kindly invited to attend the evening of short films on Friday, 15 July, at 9:30 pm!


An evening of short films

15 July, 9:30 pm


The evening of author’s short films was created with the desire to encourage self-initiative in the organization of cultural events, and to celebrate oneself and one’s work. It provides an insight into the creativeness of younger artists; their works’ content and technical diversity create a conglomerate of freshness that can serve as our collective inspiration. A conversation with the authors follows the viewing of the film set. The initiator and coordinator of the film evening is Vita Eva Weisseisen, a visual artist, founder and former member of the art collective Podmladek, which strives to spread art as directly as possible through such events.


flowers bloom once a year

Iva Suhadolnik Gregorin, 2022, 6’52’’

Islands (Otoki)

Anne Tassel, 2022, 5′

Land of Angels (Dežela angelov)

Ester Ivakič, 2022, 7′

The neighbor’s dog is barking, what if the neighbor died (Sosedov psiček laja, kaj če je sosed umrl)

Teja Miholič, 2019,  1’41’’

Hedgehog in the Mist – The Exiled Teacher (Jež v megli – Učiteljica Izgnanka)

Neo Nor, 2021, 2′

Green spruce ? (Zelena smrekca ?)

Sangara Perhaj, 2022, 2′

Table Things 1

Gregor Kocjančič, 2022, 1’12’’

Introspection (Introspekcija)

Lenča Malec, 2022, 1′

Quest for Power

Jaka Juhant, 2022, 3′

Raining (Dežuje)

Urša Rahne, 2022, 3′

Diary Outtakes

Vita Eva Weisseisen, 2022, 4’3’’