24. 11. 2022 | Discussion on labour

Discussion on labour

Thursday, 24 November, at 6 pm

Škuc Gallery


As part of the exhibition Work in Progress. Reflections on communities beyond capitalism you are kindly invited to join us on 24 November at 6 pm at Škuc Gallery for a public debate on labour!*

The public debate connects, listens to, and explores old and new horizons. From why the situation today is different, but also similar to the problems of the past, what were the specifics of this space in the formation and construction of struggles and solidarity between workers in the past, how is worker consciousness built, what can unite today such a diverse group as the workers in culture – or even more broadly, from pipe sellers through pipe cleaners to drivers and painters; what it means to be proud of your work, what it means to demand the opportunity to do good work for good pay under good conditions; How does precariousness from working environments and the economic level migrate to other parts of life, what does this mean and how can it be countered?

The discussion will be moderated by journalist, lawyer and editor Kristina Božič, and she will be joined by:

*The event will be held in Slovene.


Photos: Simao Bessa