10. 4. 2024 | Presence of Communities | Discussion on LGBTQIA+ community media in Slovenia

Discussion on LGBTQIA+ community media in Slovenia
10. 4. at 6 pm

Since 1984, when the movement for the elimination of systemic and structural discrimination against LGBT people in Slovenia was constituted within the framework of new social movements, more than 20 community media have accompanied, reflected and co-created the emancipatory efforts: Gayzine, Lezbozine, Bilten Roza kluba, Revolver, Pandora, Kekec, Lesbo, Sisters, Oznanila, eLmagazin, 1xy, Narobe, Lezbnik, Gejnik, LESSbe, Transzine, Bizine, Nebinarnizin, Kvir papir, Lezbomania

What role do alternative media play in the history of activism? How did they emerge? How have they influenced our liberations? Why do we need them and what are their present and future?

Come, it will be nice. Some rare surviving copies of our alternative community media will also be on display.

Guests will include:

Nataša Sukič, long-time editor of Lesbomania and co-founder of the fanzine Lesbozine;
Jasna Klančišar, the last editor of Pandora magazine;
Roman Kuhar PhD, former editor of Narobe;
Ada Černoša, long-time editor of Bizine and Transzine fanzines;
Sebastjan Sitar, editor of Gejm.

The conversation is moderated by Mitja Blažič.
The event is organised in cooperation with DIH – Equal Under the Rainbow.