18. 8. 2022 | FeKK OFF | I’ve seen the future baby, it’s sexy

4:30 pm, Slovenska Kinoteka


I’ve seen the future baby, it’s sexy


The exhibition concept as well as the film programme stemmed from thinking about the notions of guilt and shame, which are inextricably linked to the experience of identifying as feminine or queer. By rethinking structures, relationships and histories in which they are rooted, we decided to try to imagine what a world without these feelings would look like. The exercise seemed simple, but the attempt was futile because none of these feelings are innate but generated through a series of socio-cultural processes. Feminine or queer guilt coincides with those of oppression and persecution of non-normative subjects or ‘the other’, typically justified through many discourses about their inherent potential to undermine a given heteronormative and patriarchal social order.

The ‘others’, their bodies, sexuality and identities are being constantly oppressed by the constellations of tightly networked positions of power. In such a landscape a resurgence of ritual practices through modern “spellcasters” on social media platforms occurred. Digital subcultures made up of self-identified Witches from diverse backgrounds are growing in size and seem to appeal especially to younger generations who feel they do not belong in a system that is far too binary and oppressive. It seems that regardless of the individual approaches of their practices, contemporary queer and/or women and femme-identified witches share a desire to break the established order by connecting with each other, yearning for empowerment and having the freedom to explore their identities, reminding of the political subject of the ‘witch’.

Following the thread of magic, the project I’ve seen the future baby, it’s sexy is an invitation to embark on a journey of healing and breaking through existing boundaries and oppressive structures toward building, cultivating and nurturing new formations. It aims to understand the importance of diversifying and disrupting the homogeneous cannons that then form the fabric, the structures that make up our lives. By accepting other ways of processing feelings, working with them rather than against them, adhering to non-normative standards of communication and work, and engaging with ‘hidden’ knowledge, we can find a sense of empowerment that helps us to self-reflect or even unlearn the established scripts.

The film programme ‘I’ve seen the future baby, it’s sexy’ is also part of the exhibition programme of the international group exhibition carrying the same title on view at Škuc Gallery between 9 August and 1 September.

We’re All Queer Here Darling

Naomi Moonlion
Netherlands , experimental, 2020, 3′

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Gery Georgieva
Bulgaria, experimental, 2020, 10′


Ieva Balode
Latvia, experimental, 2020, 6′

All Whores are Jacobites

Georgia Horgan
Scotland, documentary, 2017, 22′


Marina Marković
Serbia, experimental, 2016, 4′

After the Magician

Lea Petříková
Czech Republic, eksperimental, 2020, 19′

Mother for Dinner

Nataša Prosenc Stearns
Slovenia, USA, fiction, 2012, 12′


Camila Kater
Brazil, documentary, animation , 2019, 12′