5. 10. 2017 | Goran Petercol: Hierarchical rows

You are kindly invited to the artist talk with Goran Petercol on Thursday, 5th of October 2017 at 6 pm.


“If art is one of the activities of materialisation of thought, it implies complete, confined articulations in form. For Petercol, materialisation of thought is always the starting point for a situation in which the artist’s role is a unique control of matter. This control is in fact self-control, for Petercol does not create ex nihilo, but rather takes as his starting point objects and processes of “neutral”, non-expressive value, which he introduces into the field of art. Control of the situation in fact means control of one’s own input, one’s own contribution. This asceticism is visible immediately: lines, points, simple geometrical shapes (projections of light or objects) are in fact the only building blocks of hierarchical rows. Similar (formal) simplicity characterises row as a mathematical principle. And yet, we find ourselves in front of installations, where despite the recognition of this simplicity our experience hits the wall. What stops us? And how can we circumvent this?” (V. Vidmar)