5. 4. 2024 | Presence of Communities | Cabaret Tiffany

5. 4. at 9 pm: Cabaret Tiffany

Dear lovers of eccentricity and the extraordinary. We invite you to see the spectacle “ART” – a masterpiece of delusion and grandeur!

Step into a world of avant-garde expression, where the boundaries of conventional art are shattered into a collage of vibrant hues and unbridled creativity. “ART” – a daring fusion of cabaret and a celebration of queer culture, set in the hallowed halls of our famous Škuc Gallery!

Be amazed by the daring feats of our performers as they blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, challenging the very essence of artistic expression. Delve into the depths of delusion as we explore the complexities of the human psyche through the lens of satire and whimsy.

Join us for an evening of joy where the only rule is to embrace the unconventional and deny the norm. Tiffany Cabaret invites you to throw off the shackles of conformity and dance to the rhythm of your own heart, against a backdrop of cultural iconoclasm and mindless self-definition.

Performing: Madame Scarlet, Anđa Rupić, Prof. Pederik, Ami Queen and Saška Depresso.

Entrance fee: 8 € (reservations recommended: info@skuc.org)