22. 9. 2023 | SOFT Critique Feedback session w/ Seda Yıldız

SOFT Critique Feedback session w/ Seda Yıldız
Friday 22 September 2023
from 6 pm until 8 pm
Škuc Gallery


You are kindly invited to participate in the SOFT Critique Feedback session w/ Seda Yıldız, artist, writer, editor and co-curator of SOFT Critique, on Friday, 22 September, from 6 pm until 8 pm! ✨

This collective session is open for artists, curators, educators, cultural workers and/or cultural practitioners active in contemporary arts who want to present a selected work, receive feedback, and be willing to give feedback to other peers. Together, we will follow the feedback method based on a modified version of the DasArts Feedback Method

Each presenter has 10 mins to present an artistic/curatorial work that is a finished piece, a work-in-progress, or just an idea, and asks a question to the group: What would you like to get feedback on? What are the questions you have at the moment? This question starts our conversation and guides other participants in giving their feedback on the presented work. This way, we will have a more structured session answering specific questions rather than random criticism. The aim is to give each presenter something at the end of the day to help them develop their work further.


Participation in the workshop is free,  you can register at galerija@skuc.org with the subject: SOFT Critique Feedback session by 20 September 2023 (5 pm)

Please include your short bio and briefly mention the project you like to share – in English. We want to create an intimate atmosphere in a small group. Therefore, participation is limited to between 8 and 10 people. If you would like to participate in the workshop to practice feedback-giving methods but do not wish to present a work, please communicate this in advance. After registration, you will receive detailed info about the DasArts Feedback Method.

If there will be more interested presenters, an additional feedback session will be organised on Saturday, September 23rd. 

Important: This workshop requires active participation and motivation to talk about artworks. Participants must join the session from beginning to end to give/take feedback equally, and registration is required.

More information on the exhibition SOFT Critique.

For more information about the method, we suggest watching the Feedback Method documentary currently on view at Škuc Gallery and accessible here


Seda Yıldız (1989, İstanbul, TR) is an independent curator and art writer based in Hamburg. Having a background in art practice, design and literature, her socially engaged practice spans curating, writing and editing. Her research interests comprise artist collectives and self-archiving practices, focusing on collaborative approaches to publicising art. Yıldız is the editor and co-author of the book “Building Human Relations Through Art. Škart collective (Belgrade) from 1990 to present” (Onomatopee, 2022).



The Škuc Gallery programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.