23. 6. 2021 | VideoGarden.5


Screening and talk

Wednesday, 23 June 2021, 9 pm

Inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery


Selection from international summer film workshops by Luksuz produkcija

Curator: Vesna Bukovec (SCCA-Ljubljana)

Duration: 68’

The new season of screenings and talks in the inner courtyard of the Škuc Gallery is opening with a selection of socially engaged documentaries and short films that have been made in recent years at the summer international workshops of the documentary film by Luksuz produkcija in Krško. The DIVA Station archive received a large number of films by Luksuz produkcija, which were the basis for this selection. The screening will be accompanied by a conversation with the representative of Luksuz produkcija Tom Gomizelj.

The selected films address the themes of diversity, freedom and alternative ways of living and creating. The documentary Rog from 2015 is a valuable record of an alternative space in Ljubljana which we lost this year. The short film Lunch on the Lawn is a story about a homeless man and a bicycle. The authors drew inspiration from the Italian film classic Bicycle Thieves. The short experimental film Only Breathing quotes a 13th-century poem by the Persian poet Rumi, which thematizes the diversity, uniqueness and ex-communication of the individual from society and highlights the freedom of the individual regardless of skin colour, religion or social status. In the documentary What We Do, Blaž, a person with Down syndrome, presents his workday at the Druga Violina restaurant in Ljubljana. Followed by another documentary about alternative spaces from ten years ago which presents The Metelkova Story, while in the documentary portrait Nenad we meet the security guard of the gay club Tiffany. The selection ends with the film God’s Mistake, in which the performer Salomé talks about her life, gender reassignment and the problems she had in her childhood and youth because she was born in the wrong body.

  • Rog, Joy Mc Keon, Quentin Roddier, 2015, 9′ 30” (In Slovene)
  • The Luncheon on the Grass, Daria Radić, Viktor Radić, 2013, 7′ 58” (In Slovene, Eng. subtitles)
  • Only Breathing, Ahmad Adelian, Agatha Kochaniewicz, Nawal Chagar, 2017, 3′ 8” (In Farsi, Eng. subtitles)
  • What We Do, Maja Šubarić, Linda Fernandes, Katsiaryna Drobysh, Maja Šubarić, Maëlia Lenoir, 2013, 8′ 12” (In Slovene, Eng. subtitles)
  • The Metelkova Story, Adalberto Romero Rojas, Alan Marti Mendoza Avellaneda, 2011, 10′ 25” (In English)
  • Nenad, Yuliya Molina, 2017, 5′ 34” (In Slovene, Eng. subtitles)
  • God’s Mistake, Anna Savchenko, Eva Matarranz, Catarina Leal, 2014, 22′ 39” (In Slovene, Eng. subtitles)

More: http://www.scca-ljubljana.si/en/videogarden-5


Organization: SCCA-Ljubljana / DIVA Station, Kraken Society, DZMP / Luksuz produkcija, Škuc Gallery.

Kraken Society, DZMP and SCCA-Ljubljana are part of the Veliki plan (Close-up) Consortium and supported by the Ministry of Public Administration.

The Škuc Gallery programme is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture.