6. 5. 2021 - 9. 5. 2021 | Work, curator, work! Thinking and reading together about ways to do stuff

You are kindly invited to attend a four-day workshop with the curators Maximilian Lehner and Tia Čiček at Škuc Gallery. The event will be held in English and is planned for students from various cultural and creative fields with aspirations and/or experience in curating contemporary art.

The workshop Work, curator, work! is an experiment in thinking and talking about how to deal with the wish to create projects the best way possible without idealizing the means or ways to get there. When discussing exhibition concepts in art, we often forget that
their realization involves finances and the distribution of work. While curatorial discourse incorporates these questions and makes the launching of curatorial ideas a field of ideals we urge to fulfil, our conversations could be expanded to talking about the influence of networks, physical or mental health. Work, curator, work! could be a chance to add some footnotes to important discourses, to discover them and think about how we can work with them, instead of experiencing them as a burden in how we make exhibitions.

The workshop will consist of an introductory session (day 1) followed by a close reading and discussion of three texts (1 text per day, 3 days), which will be determined during the introductory phase of the workshop, thus taking into account the wishes and interests of all participants. The workshop is intended as a non-hierarchical structure for the exchange of ideas, interests, concerns and knowledge, in which all participants and organizers are equal.

If you have any questions about the workshop or/and are interested in participating, write to/apply at work.curator.work@gmail.com by 2 May 2021 (at 9 am) with WORK CURATOR in the subject line and attach a short CV or summary of your interests and/or experience (in English).


Tia Čiček has an MA in Art History from the Faculty of Arts, the University of Ljubljana. For the last few years, she has worked as a curator and producer of contemporary art in various spaces such as the Centre for Urban Culture Kino Šiška (Ljubljana), DobraVaga (Ljubljana) and is the current artistic director of Škuc Gallery (Ljubljana). In 2018 she attended the course at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg led by Ruth Noack and Grace Samboh entitled Thinking With Works of Art and recently finished the two-year curatorial programme at the World of Art School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing (SCCA-Ljubljana, Slovenia). Her main interests lie in work theory and ethics of care, through which she tries to rethink conventional exhibition-making and contemporary art production. She is part of bad curating inc.

Maximilian Lehner works as a research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Media at KU Linz and co-founded The Real Office (RO) in Stuttgart, an agency for concepts, funding, and project management in the independent art scene. Maximilian studied art theory and philosophy in Paris, Stuttgart, and Linz, where he currently pursues his doctoral studies. He participated in curatorial courses by Ruth Noack and Grace Samboh at Salzburg Summer Academy and by Joanna Warsza at ECCA Cluj/Timisoara Art Encounters Foundation. His main research interests are in the entanglement of temporal structures and socio-political narratives in contemporary art, theories of artistic research, the history of art and technology movements, and convergences between new technologies and art. Apart from his academic research, Maximilian develops projects with RO in Stuttgart and Salzburg, and curated/s exhibition for art spaces such as ElectroPutere (Craiova/Bucharest), Škuc Gallery (Ljubljana), ParzOne (Grieskirchen), Fünfzigzwanzig (Salzburg), and BLOK (Zagreb). He is part of bad curating inc.