6. 10. 2016 - 16. 10. 2016

XXII. Festival of Contemporary Arts  – City of Women. 

“It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories.” – Donna Harraway reflecting on the work of anthropologist Marilyn Strathern

This year, the City of Women launched a multi-annual project of the City of Women archive. The questions that arise thereof have been spread like a net reflecting on memory and a multitude of stories/histories, on loss, the relation between live and dead, between written and said, between performed and documented, between performed and lived, between the artistic and anthropological practice.

The net suggests a link among different spaces – research, discursive, artistic and community-based. The subjects whose temporary home is Škuc Gallery, inundate other venues (virtual and physical) and vice-versa, the subjects of other venues coalesce to the Škuc Gallery.



Thursday, October 6th

4 pm


Ida Hiršenfelder

Digital Museum

SI, 30’

Moderna galerija creates a repository Digital Museum as an intersection of publicly accessible archives of audiovisual documents on contemporary art practices. Presentation of the first stage of the digitalisation of the City of Women Archive, which will be accessible in the study room of Škuc Gallery from 6th to 16th October between noon and 8 pm.

Coordinator: Ida Hiršenfelder

In collaboration with MG+MSUM

Free entry



Tanja Petrović

On Archives and Feelings

SI, 45’

The lecture sheds light on the complex and oftentimes troubled relationship between the archiving practices and the investment of feelings and affects in the archived objects.

In collaboration with ZRC SAZU.

Free entry


Friday, October 7th

3 pm – 8 pm

Saturday, October 8th & Sunday, October 9th

noon – 5 pm

one-to-one performance

Ria Hartley


GB, 2015, 30’

In the field of neurology, scientists have identified that the human mind inserts information from the present into past memories.  What would you do if you could return to a memory and change it? Would it affect your future? Could you rewrite a part of your own history?


Duration of performance per participant is 30´. Please make a reservation at

Tickets: €7/5



Friday, October 7th


Monday, October 10th

7 pm Škuc Gallery


Maja Petrović-Šteger

How do we think the dead, their bodies and bodily remains?

SI in LB/GB, 45’

The talk hopes to touch on these questions and contextualise them within some of contemporary interpretations of the dead body in art, politics and science.

Tania El Khoury, the artist, presenting her work Gardens Speak at the festival, will join the talk.

Free entry


Tuesday, October 11th & Sunday, October 16th

noon– 5 pm intermedia event

Ana Čigon

Feminist WikiMarathon 2016

Feminist WikiMarathon 2016 is dedicated to writing contributions on the Slovenian women artists that participated at the International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women from its inception in 1995 up to today.

Coworkers: Ana Čigon, Ana Grobler in Danaja Grešak
Production: Rampa / Zavod Kersnikova
Postproduction: Mesto žensk
In collaboration with KUD Mreža.

Free entry


Tuesday, October 11th

6 pm


Lana Zdravković

How to perform life or is there life outside the art?

SI, 90’

Through the analysis of their own works presented at previous City of Women festivals, the connections between life and art will be discussed by artists: Katarina Stegnar, Maja Delak , Nataša Živković, Simona Semenič.

Concept and moderated by: Lana Zdravković

Free entry


Tuesday, October 11th

8 pm Škuc Gallery

short performance

Ana Dubljević & Milan Marković Matthis

Let’s Take It From the Top

RS, 2013, 15’

A 10 min gala show that addresses the precarious position of the artist/worker.

Free entry


Friday, October 14th

6 pm


Marcia Farquhar

Artist talk

GB, 60’

The artist has been engaged in practices of archival research that depart from the scholarly conventions that govern the use of archives. Her creative usage has involved experiments in locating, reanimating and perhaps fabricating or fictionalising histories of performance and politics in the 1970s.

Free entry

Saturday, October 15th

9 pm


Marcia Farquhar

Acts of Clothing

GB, 1999, 60’

“The intention is to perform the Acts every seven years. I am not due to perform till 2020 so I am making an exception for an exceptional festival.” – Marcia Farquhar, 2016

Tickets: € 7/5




Production: City of Women

Coproduction: Škuc Gallery

Artistic Director: Teja Reba

Executive production and Organisation: Urška Jež

Finances, Production and Organization: Amela Meštrovac

Public Relations: Nada Vodušek


The programme of Škuc Gallery is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana.


photo © Boris Beja