5. 10. 2015 - 25. 10. 2015

Haveit, Sandra Dukić, Ephemerki, Natalija Vujošević, Lina Rica, Boštjan Čadež, Femkanje, ČIPkarnica (Tjaša Avsec, Lavoslava Benčić, Sara Bolte, Ana Čigon, Nena Georgievska, Staša Guček, Ida Hiršenfelder, Katarina Jazbec, Simona Jerala, Hana Jošić, Ana Marija Kolenc, Eva Lucija Kozak, Anja Lazar, Sara Mlakar, Nina Orlić, Sara Pegam, Tea Pirih, Barbara Poček, Alenka Selčan, Saša Spačal,Sara Šabjan, Iva Tratnik, Mojca Založnik, Silvana Žorž)

Zigzagging is a term coined by the philosopher and feminist theorist Rossi Braidotti that is related to the notion of time as a complex and nonlinear phenomenon where knowledge and activity are subject to conceptual diversity. Following this line, the ZIG ZAG exhibition is an interdisciplinary exhibition displaying multi-layered relations between feminism and autonomously formed socially relevant discourses from the territories of former Yugoslavia.

The nature of contemporary societies and subjects that form them is significantly determined by different ways of integration and activity. These are the result of collective critical and creative social and technical relations presented at the exhibition by ČIPkarnica, Initiative for Women with a Sense for Technology, Science and Art through their project ČIPkarnica. The project’s social and technical potential lies in the formation of different space for the production and distribution of knowledge that study the position of women in science and technology as well as interdisciplinary arts, promote communication regarding women’s conditions of work in these areas and propose practices to overcome gender division. The art platform Femkanje in the audio-visual installation Femkanje – Radio Mapping the Independent Scene, through a network of 67 interviewed artists shows relations and contrasts in the understanding of hegemony of the actual political and social context as well as problems related to the reflection of gender, social and cultural equality in Serbia and the surrounding region. A real-time generated animation Tekstom(l)at by the Croatian-Slovenian duo Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež transforms linguistic space into a rhizomatic structure in which linear reading is replaced by a multidirectional link between text (on the subject of feminist theory – transfeminism, posthumanism, performing arts) and external, empirical processes of nonlinear reading and thinking. The audio-visual installation Echo Archive by the Montenegrin artist Natalija Vujošević through audio recordings of personal stories that the artist, her mother and her grandmother experienced at the age of 15 explores the meaning of personal archive. By breaking the linear temporality and re-establishing the links with the past, she activates the potential of speculations over the solid definition of identities. The performance Contexter vs Discursor by the Macedonian duo Ephemerki is a pseudo-lecture that lucidly and uncompromisingly deconstructs the notion of the norm, destabilizes the ontological material related with the constructs and regimes of power to illustrate the disciplinary power of knowledge in the theory and contemporary philosophy in art practice. The regulation of life in societies where the political and economic transition have yet to be completed is most reflected in the differences between the public and private spheres. In the performance You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It, Bosnian artist Sandra Dukić with the help of a popular saying, by dealing with violence against women, evokes patriarchal rhetoric and the question of division into the public and private spheres which continue to perpetuate and normalise the roles of victim and perpetrator. The politically engaged art practice of Haveit group from Kosovo is reflected in their drawing attention to gender and social discrimination and injustice. The multimedia project Use Your Mouth exposes the patriarchal matrix of everyday life which is embodied in gender stereotypes and male supremacy of the society,  rebels against the oppression of women prevalent in Albanian society, LGBT discrimination, nationalism and fights to overcome the dominant social paradigms in the youngest European country.

Through various practices, all participating artists, groups, platforms and initiatives from the territories of former Yugoslavia explore the nonlinear development of culture, gender, technological and economic inequality and thereby discover the specifics of a politically grounded reading of the present in relation to the evermore complex social phenomena they are confronted with. It is not the goal of the Zig Zag exhibition to make a map and “exhibit” a consistent discourse, but rather to actuate nonlinear writing of highly critical and creative feminist thought and action.


Curator: Lenka Đorojević



The accompanying programme at the Škuc Gallery:

Monday, October 5th

8 pm / Opening of the international group Exhibition Zig Zag, curated by Lenka Đorojević

8 pm / Haveit / Use your mouth (Jepi me gojë), performance

8.15 pm / Sandra Dukić / You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It (Sama pala, sama se ubila), performance
8.30 pm / Ephemerki / Contexter vs. Discoursor, performance

Tuesday, October 6th
noon / Panel discussion with artists of the international group exhibition Zig Zag and curators of the project ČIPkarnica Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Spačal
1 pm / Discussion of Cultural Gender Practices Network of the South-Eastern Europe

Wednesday, October 7th

6 pm / Guided tour of the exhibition with curator
Wednesday, October 14th

6 pm / Guided tour of the exhibition with curator
Wednesday, October 21st

6 pm / Guided tour of the exhibition with curator


Škuc gallery in collaboration with City of Women.

Co-producer of the Cultural Gender Practices Network of the South-Eastern Europe roundtable: 

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